Time is running out! 20 best online jobs for students that pay well

During the college days, we are on the lookout for online jobs for students to earn some pocket money and a source of a second income. Gone are the days when students used to depend on money given by their parents to meet expenses. With growing expenses and spare time, every student wants to earn extra bucks to meet their financial needs, such as travel expenses, recharges, recreation, etc. The students always look for part-time sometimes full-time jobs for financial independence and earn additional revenue by doing these jobs online in their spare time.

There is also an ambiguity that lingers in our minds on where to find genuine jobs. Here in this article, we will try to resolve your doubts by jotting down some part-time online jobs for students to try out to support themselves financially during your student days. 

To earn while learning does not meet your financial goals only, but it creates a good platform for your future career and develops one’s personality by building confidence, which will help you launch your career in the future.

Top 20 part-time online jobs for students to try

In this write-up, we will list some genuine part-time jobs or gigs and the links to register for students like you who want to learn. All these jobs take only a few hours of your time, and they are online, which means you can do these jobs from anywhere you are in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Calcutta, or Bangalore. But a piece of advice is to first read through this article carefully and the links given before starting anything. For this, you only need a PC, a good internet connection, and an active Gmail account.

Begin with Paid to click websites – Online jobs for students

Ever imagined that you can get paid for watching a commercial on a TV or a newspaper ad? But yes, this is true with paid to click websites, which would pay you somewhere around $0.001 to $0.01 to view an ad for a few seconds as per their guideline. There are many such websites, so you need to choose once you register, you can start earning wisely. You can work a couple of hours in a day only.

What are the earnings?

These online jobs for students require you to create an account with payment gateways like PayPal or Payza. These are widely used, and very trustworthy platforms for online payments and are globally accepted. They are linked to your bank account or your card; this doesn’t take much time at all. In a month, you can expect to make $100 – $200. Creating an account of these online payment gateways is very easy and does not take much of your time.

Where to apply for?

Some good pay to click portals is –

  1. Get-paid
  2. Familyclix
  3. Innocurrent
  4. Earn from the online surveys

Answering an online survey is very common in the Indian context. Many big corporations undertake market research by doing online surveys to know views and opinions from the public for which they spend lots of money. The companies use these surveys to understand public opinion before launching a new product or modifying an existing product. Such corporations and big companies engage online survey companies that have a big database registered of people under them. The online survey companies publish these surveys for you to answer, and in return, you get paid, simple online jobs for students. You will only get surveys based on your profile.

What are the earnings?

All you need to do is to register yourself on these portals with your details. Whenever there is a survey matching your profile, you will receive a mail from them asking you to participate. The earnings vary like an international company pays about $50 per survey; however, the Indian company pays around $5. Register on more than one site to multiply your income.

Where to apply for?

Following are some good portals for online surveys –

  1. Surveyjunkie
  2. Lifepointspanel
  3. Toluna

3. Be a part-time blogger

If you are looking for online jobs for students and have a niche topic or talent that will engage the audience, you can explore writing a blog. Writing a blog is a good way to earn extra bucks in your free time by giving a few hours. You can write a blog on any topic of your interest where you can express yourself and catch your audience’s pulse.

All you need is – a domain name, a website hosting, and a WordPress plug-in or themes if you are using WordPress. WordPress or Blogger are some independent blogging platform or content management system for starters like you.

In online jobs for students like blogging, you need to register a domain and work on web hosting themes. Write the content on your topic of interest and publish it on the blog. Some very widely followed topics over the internet are blogs related to travel, cooking, and learning tutorials. You could link it with social media or Google network to earn something out of it. You can also take the help of affiliate marketing by promoting some products and services through your blog by placing their link.

What are the earnings?

To start blogging, register yourself with some independent blogging sites that allow you to publish your blogs. Now the earning out of a blog depends on the number of views and the engagement it has received.

Where to apply for?

Some good independent blogging portals are –

  1. Blogger
  2. Medium
  3. WordPress

4. Start as a content writer to earn extra money

Today in the digital world and growing, bloggers have a good demand for content writers for blogs, websites, emails, social media writing, etc. This is another online jobs for students to work for a couple of hours daily and earn some quick bucks. As a content writer, you can be hired to simply write content for a website or write a product description or a product review. So there are a lot of scopes to write for different mediums.

Usually, as per market standard, a content writer is paid for $1 – $10 per 1000 words.

Online jobs

Source: Freepik

What are the earnings?

As mentioned earlier, a content writer is generally paid between $1 – $10 for an article consisting of 1000 words; sometimes, it is less than that. Generally, content writers are paid per word basis, but they are paid a lump sum for the project or file in some cases.

Where to apply for?

Some genuine sites for content writing jobs are –

  1. Upwork
  2. iwriter
  3. Bloggingpro

5. Become an affiliate marketer

Another option to explore which is trending today is to become an affiliate marketer. In simple terms, affiliate marketing means you need to promote and sell the product or services of a company or multiple companies through your social media channels, blog posts, or YouTube video. You need to give a detailed description of the product or service you are promoting along with the link. Another simple online jobs for students, anyone clicking through this link and purchasing the company pays you a specific commission. To become an affiliate partner, take proper planning in order to thrive. There are steps to follow in affiliate marketing; you need to choose the right product or service, build a blog, and promote it.

What are the earnings?

Again payment or earning varies from every affiliate program, but on average, you can expect a commission in the range of 20% – 40% on the sale; some companies offer even more.

Where to apply for?

The following are some excellent affiliate marketing sites to consider –

  1. Shopify
  2. Semrush
  3. Affiliate-program

6. Work as a freelancer

Today with digitalization and growing internet usage, the scope for freelancers has increased. Various freelancing sites post several freelance gigs; you can choose to do a part-time or a full-time job as per your choice. Since it is a freelancing job, you are not bound to any particular employer or location; you can choose to work with anyone from anywhere as long as you complete and deliver the job as per the conditions laid down.

Get yourself registered on this platform and get started, one of the best platforms for online jobs for students.

What are the earnings?

Since it is a freelancing job, payment differs from employer to employer and the kind of job they want you to do. Sometimes employers pay on an hourly basis, and sometimes project-wise.

Online jobs

Source: Freepik

Where to apply for?

For freelancing gigs, you can also try other sites apart from Fiverr –

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer

7. Minuscule Tasks

Any task or work that needs less time, like a few seconds up to a few minutes only, can be termed minuscule tasks. These jobs are like no systems, or hi-tech machines and tech can do but need a human hand. There are lots of such minuscule tasks available in the market globally. Now, this is a perfect online jobs for students who can earn by spending very little time.

What are the earnings?

You can expect to earn such minuscule jobs in a range of Rs.5 – Rs.10 in the Indian context.

Where to apply for?

You can check the following list for minuscule jobs –

  1. Mturk
  2. Appen
  3. Clickworker

8. CAPTCHA jobs

CAPTCHA solving jobs are typically a computer program or a tool to distinguish humans from machines. This is done to filter spammers. Lots of students are found involved in CAPTCHA solving jobs nowadays.

What are the earnings?

A company typically pays $1 to $3 for 1000, such as CAPTCHA solved; for these online jobs for students that involve 3 -4 hours of work, you can end up earning around 4,000 – 5,000 a month.

Where to apply for?

Some good sites for CAPTCHA solving jobs –

  1. 2captcha
  2. Virutalbee
  3. Captcha2cash

9. Teach Online

If you have a knack for teaching and have expertise in a certain field, this job is for you. You can take online classes by being an online tutor; today, there are many online teaching options. You can decide the number of hours you can put it as per your convenience and also whether you want to teach one-to-one or many students. This is a good online jobs for students if you love teaching.

Find a job online concept. Jobs written on keyboard keys on blackboard background, banner, view from above. 3d illustration

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What are the earnings?

Online tutors can expect to earn $10 – $12 per hour, which may even go up to $25 – $30 that depends on the tutor’s expertise and experience.

Where to apply for?

The best online teaching site is –

  1. Tutor
  2. Tutorvista
  3. Brainfuse

10. E-book reader

This is an interesting job where you are paid for reading out an E-book from a company’s website; you need to register on their websites and start reading daily. It is bliss for avid readers because you get to read and are paid to read, which is a great online jobs for students who like reading.

What are the earnings?

You can expect to earn Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 a month for reading books online.

Where to apply for?

Some sites for E-reading are –

  1. Kirkusreviews
  2. Reedsy
  3. Onlinebookclub

11.  Data-entry jobs

There are lots of online data-entry jobs available today, but not all of them are authentic. If you have good knowledge about the language, especially English, and have a good typing speed this job is for you. One important point to remember is that you need to check thoroughly about the company before going ahead.

What are the earnings?

In data-entry online jobs for students, one can earn in thousands; the income varies from company to company.

Where to apply for?

Check out some good portals for data-entry jobs –

  1. Upwork
  2. Peopleperhour
  3. Worknhire

12. Make money by selling snaps

If you like taking photos wherever you travel or go, whether for work or leisure, and you have a good eye for photography, this gig will interest you. You can sell these photos to some stock image sites and earn from it.

What are the earnings?

You can make it a serious part-time gig giving 1 to 2 hours maximum and do some serious clicking of tourist destinations, birds and animals, nature, etc. This online job for student option can pay you around 1000/- per photo.

Where to apply for?

Some top stock image sites you can try selling your photos –

  1. Shutterstock
  2. istockphoto
  3. Fotolia

13. Trade domain names

Today in the digital world, every business is online or wants to get there. To be online, you need a website or portal, and websites are based on domain names. You can buy domain names from some reputed sites and then sell these domain names to those who need it at the right time.

What are the earnings?

If you already have domains purchased, you can sell them further for twice or thrice the price and make a right margin. This is one of the simple money making ways as a part of online jobs for students.

Where to apply for?

The following list will help you with this –

  1. Godaddy
  2. Flippa
  3. Namecheap

14. Earn from YouTube videos

YouTube videos are a rage today. You only need a Smartphone with a good quality megapixels camera to shoot. Just shoot a nice video, upload it to your YouTube channel and start making money with a Google Adsense account.

What are the earnings?

Now earning from YouTube videos varies a lot, and it depends on the number of views you get and the engagement on your video. You need to check your analytics regularly to check the earnings. Like any other online jobs for students, you can maximize the earnings by making videos relevant to the audience, which is most searched for like the tutorials or product reviews.

Where to apply for?

You should have an account on YouTube, start a YouTube channel through this account, and create a Google AdSense account that all you need to start.

15. Work as a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant acts like a personal assistant or secretary minus the physical involvement in an office set-up. Virtual means doing the same job as a personal assistant would do but remotely online. A virtual assistant may need to do jobs involving – scheduling a meet, or an event, calling up, follow up, keeping the records and maintaining files, etc. This online jobs for students does not require any particular skills

What are the earnings?

The beauty of working as a VA (Virtual Assistant) as it is popularly known as is that you can even work part-time or decide the number of hours you can put in. A fresher or beginner can expect to earn around $3 – $5 per hour basis.

Where to apply for?

Listed below are good sites to find VA jobs –

  1. Taskrabbit
  2. Vanetworking
  3. Vasumo

16. Put your stuff on sale on the internet

Suppose you make handcrafted items or goods like jewelry or a painting or trendy clothes. In that case, you can list these items or goods online on various e-commerce sites, giving you a chance to sell your old used stuff like furniture, electronic gadgets, etc., through portals like OLX portal and earn well.

What are the earnings?

In selling over the internet, you can easily earn to the tune of $500 over a month, and depending on how many goods or handcrafted items are sold, it can multiply.

Where to apply for?

List your good over the internet with –

  1. Amazon
  2. Olx
  3. Flipkart

17. Search jobs over Jobtonic portal

You can also explore more than 17 lacs listed jobs over the Jobtonic portal, an upcoming career site with authentic online jobs for students. Register with them, and choose from various options, apply for part-time, work from home jobs the companies will get in touch with you if you fit their criteria.

What are the earnings?

Income bench-mark for this one is not possible; your income will depend on what kind of job you have applied for.

Where to apply for?

You can explore the following site –

  1. Trud
  2. Flexjobs
  3. Craigslist

18. Be an online –trader

You can be an online seller or a trader by exploring some handy daily use products that seem relevant in daily life. Online jobs for students allow you to register your goods over the internet to sell them at a good margin then what you purchased.

Certain products that are always on demand are surveillance equipment like CCTV cameras, home appliances, air coolers, gadgets, etc. You can tie-up with local producers or vendors who agree to buy products from them and enroll them on different internet websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Pepperfry, etc.

What are the earnings?

Again there is no fixed amount; your income will depend on what product you are listing and the product value.

Where to apply for?

You can list the products on –

  1. Snapdeal
  2. Pepperfry
  3. Inebay

19. Start a consultancy

Consultancy as an online jobs for students is a good option. Consultants are people with some sort of expertise in their field. They give valuable expertise to guide you in the right direction to perform your work. Consultancy is prevalent in the manufacturing industry; thus, many companies hire consultants for advice. So if you think you have expertise in your field and are confident to give professional help, you can become a consultant.

Initially, join a consulting enterprise as an independent consultant or a freelancing consultant as per your free time to gain some experience.

What are the earnings?

These online jobs for students can earn you a humble earning of 10k– 30k based on your exposure and kind of project.

Where to apply for?

Consultancy jobs can be found on –

  1. Flexyskills
  2. Graphite
  3. Consultancy

Final thoughts on the topic of online jobs for students

We hope that this article has helped those entire students reading it and if you are exploring jobs and their studies to make some extra bucks. This guide is to earn, but with no disturbance to your education and zero investments.

These views are put down after an in-depth study of this subject starting from 2013. So, we appeal to you to go out there explore such work chances and enjoy. In the case of doubts or queries, reach us through the comments form.

FAQs for online jobs for students

1. Suggest some best online jobs for students?

Answer – Some good work opportunities for students could be a virtual assistant or data-entry jobs over the internet or register for reviewing jobs. They are less time-consuming, and they do not require any special skills.

2. Which internet jobs are real?

Answer – Whatever opportunities are listed are legitimate and real jobs. But as advised earlier, before starting these, one has to read properly about the job requirements, payment, organization, etc., so that you are not fooled. Do your research if you want.

3. What are the ways to earn along with my education?

Answer – Whatever opportunity suggested above are online jobs for students, mostly for a few hours. The only thing you want is a PC and good WI-FI, some of these jobs, take a couple of hours maximum. Thus, this would hardly disturb your studies; since they are do-able in your spare time.

4. How can I earn being a First-year student?

Answer – Even if you are a first-year student, you can still do these jobs in your spare time without disturbing your studies.

Author: Gagann Sharma

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