Part time jobs online: Artworks, an ideal part time option

Investment in art is no longer limited to only the experts in different forms of art or those connoisseurs of the art form. In the current scenario, an art form is used as a means to diversify your investments. Part time jobs online brings you various opportunities.

As an astute investor, first, you need to understand what the art opportunities are before you make any kind of investment.

As quoted by the famous American artist Andy Warhol, ‘making money is an art.’ Although this statement has a deep meaning and holds true, it is also contradicting at the same time. This is because art makes for an aesthetically soothing and a perfect investment strategy. This also proves to be the best option as part time jobs online.

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Table of Contents:

  • Art has become more conventional stream than earlier times
  • Less correlation with financial asset class
  • Stunning returns
  • Instances showing lucrative sales
  • How to invest in arts
  • How to buy artworks
  • Checklist prior to investment in arts
  • What to look for when buying art
  • Bottom line

Part time jobs online: Art has become a more conventional stream than in earlier times

In the year 2017, a well-known consulting and investment company Deloitte Arts & Finance, published a report stated that more than 80 percent of the fund managers working in financial markets had advised their clients to allocate some portion of their investment into art.

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Previously investing in art was considered a niche, and only the true connoisseurs of art and the ones who had expertise in some forms of art usually invested in it.

However, over time art has become a more conventional arena for investors to allocate their funds into some form of art to diversify their portfolio.

Part time jobs online: Less correlation with a financial asset class

Art is a distinct category of investments. It has no relation whatsoever with any other asset class.

This creates a good opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio as it balances out the losses incurred on other asset classes by producing good returns on your investments.

This strategy worked as an eye-opener in the art market’s performance in 2018 when the other mainstream market failed miserably.

Therefore, an astute investor is slowly tilting towards diversifying his portfolio by making a sound investment in arts to protect his investments in the long run and balancing out the profit and losses.

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Nowadays, investing in art is gaining more importance because of the volatility of the market since it allows investing in a totally unrelated category that works independently and has no effect on what happens to the other class of financial assets.

It gives a chance for the investor to have a varied portfolio of mainstream financial assets and non-financial assets in the form of art. Working in a financial field like this has good scope, and financial markets prove to be good part time jobs online.

To understand more deeply about the correlation discussed above between the mainstream financial asset class and the non-financial asset class is ‘art.’

Let us read through data that calculate a mathematical formula to understand the positive or negative correlation.

The study if it is ‘0’ indicates there is no relation at all between the different asset classes. If it is +1, it suggests a positive correlation, whereas if it is -1, it suggests a negative correlation.

A study carried out to know the correlation showed that the relation between the S&P 500 and art stood at +0.03 whereas that between art and the international stock market was +0.2.

Thus, these figures indicate that it is a lucrative and wise decision to invest in arts. Also, it is the best part time jobs online.

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Stunning Returns

In the year 2018, when the financial market was facing problems, the art market performed much better than any other class of assets, to the extent that it was declared as the great choice for investing in that year’s famous magazine, ‘The Wall Street Journal.’

When shares & stock exchange fell by more than 5 percent, the arts segment grew by more than 10 percent at the same time, making a remarkable achievement.

To understand how challenging this arts segment as an asset class is against the mainline financial market, we will go back to 2008 when the financial market saw a crash followed by a recession.

To understand how resilient the arts category and an investment class are, we can take this as a case study. When looking for job prospects in the art investment segment, explore the opportunity as the best part time job online.

Battling a kind of worst recessions for a longtime, hitting the market in 2007- 08 when the financial market saw a big crash, contribution towards the arts segment showed a high rise in achieving greater success.

More than six hundred million dollars were spent towards the premium arts segment to buy artifacts costing more than five million dollars.

Additionally, such masterpieces’ demand showed a steep rise, making the money flow in the arts segment four times higher.

Slowly when the financial stock markets became stable, the arts segment also settled down, and with it, demand for artifacts got into control too. This brought a balance between the arts segment and mainline financial asset classes.

When the stock market crashed, the arts segment gained much importance, withstanding the overall recession in the marketplace, showing resilience. So when seeking an opportunity to work in this market, it takes up the best part time jobs online.

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However, after that low period, the arts segment picked up and started performing very well. It came back strong after the recession period.

During the year 2015, the art markets under the demand for masterpieces flourished so much that it saw a growth that doubled from the earlier rise that was recorded in 2008.

Though the demand for other art market segments may be slow, the elite art market has its own demand and performs independently.

Investing in the masterpiece arts market is one of the best investment assets one can imagine. Art has established itself as a reasonably secured and cash-rich option for investing.

The extremely affluent clients are putting a lot of money into this asset class market; with such strong backing and support, the investing in arts will continue to flourish, giving a better option for investment. Working in this asset class market is the best available part time jobs online.

But there is always a question that arises how much to allocate for art investment.

As per the experts, if there is an appetite for risk-taking in you, then the ideal proportion that you can invest should be between ten and twentypercent to diversify your portfolio and balance the risk factor.

Instances showing lucrative sales

Premium characteristic art memorabilia gets exceedingly good money. To give you an instance to show the potential of money you can make on trading an artifact. A person from Ireland who was into horse breeding named John Manier sold a masterpiece that he bought for 26.9 million dollars for a whopping 157 million dollars at another auction.

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To show the amount of funds that is being poured into making investments in arts as a class of assets.

Let’s take another example where an old 1955 painting that was given away for 4000 dollars was later purchased for 20.7 million dollars, and further in 2015 was bought by another buyer for 300 million dollars.

It indicates the amount of money flowing within the arts category of an asset class that keeps it going.

What are the ways of investing in the arts?

It sounds tricky, but it takes art to make any type of investment in the arts. Suppose you are looking for a work opportunity in this niche; it’s the best part time jobs online.  

Investing in the art market is very dynamic because it is doesn’t have a liquidity factor as some other asset forms additionally the preferences, and choices shift quickly; thus, you need to get extra alert prior to making any investments in the arts segment of the market.

There has been a fast movement with respect to the investment in arts over the last twenty years.

Due to the emergence of digitalization with online mediums, affluent investors can now bid for arts and buy masterpieces anywhere in the world.

So to make any investments in the arts, you should be more alert.

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By what means can you purchase artworks

Finally, to make investments in the arts segment, you must follow the experts who have expertise in trading in this asset class and gain good returns.

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You can alternatively check out a specialized investment platform for art called ‘Masterworks’ where even a common man can get access to the best of art.

This company buys the best of artwork and sells it at a premium to earn a profit; they are into trading basically.

The company buys the best of artwork by participating in various auctions and then transfers the artwork ownership to the shareholders who invest in it.

There were no such options available to the short time investors earlier. Still, with companies like this one, it gives small investors also an opportunity to pool in their money and invest in this lucrative option.

If you are looking for part time jobs online, try to seek work opportunities in artwork companies like this one.

The company makes investments in blue-chip artwork that is an advantageous and cash-rich option in this category.

Because of this short time, investors get a piece of high-end artwork that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Their logic for investing in blue-chip artwork is simple: this investment is much safer and sound compared to other financial asset classes. This logic is backed by the comparative performance analysis of both markets.

They consider this investment as a viable option to diversify your portfolio and, at the same time, balance the risk factor.

Masterworks further mentions that the demand for artwork is a worldwide phenomenon backed by uber-rich people globally.

As we discussed earlier in this article, the art market prices are relatively stable compared to other financial assets.

Masterworks has a strong team of art professionals, dealers, collectors, and art curators combined with experience of all of them spanning over 75 years in the field of art.

Wrap up

 Investing in artwork has gained importance slowly and steadily, but it still remains a niche asset market to make your investment.

Since it is unrelated to the mainstream asset class, it allows diversifying the investment portfolio. Since the art market is not very volatile as another financial market it balances out the losses.

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Author: Gagann Sharma

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