The content will be accepted in the form of lists only.

The content should be well researched as well as authentic.

The list should have at least 10 items in an article. 

The content length should be at least 1500+ words and a crispy introduction that would be inclusive.

The content should be sourced from the quality sources with factual consistency while ignoring copying the content from Wikipedia or others.

You will follow the format according to section 4 of the Author’s Guide.It is mandatory to read and follow the entire Author’s Guide before submitting your work.

You have to follow the format according to the points mentioned in the Author’s Guide.

Content Format

Go through the guidelines before submitting the content:

  • Initiate the content with an introduction for the list or points; you are going to cover in the article.
  • You should compose a list of 10 items at least.
  • Highlight the source of each item (Refer the author’s guide)
  • reserves the right to use the article in case it appears appropriate and as per standards.

The Rules

We appreciate the genuine and authentic piece of work that adheres to our philosophy. While submitting your content, ensure that it should be plagiarism free and not copied from the direct source. We disregard the plagiarized work without any consent.

We suggest you refer to trustworthy sources (see the author’s guide) so that we can confirm the facts and details.

To encourage you, we would like to share a few points in the work. The content you produce will be offbeat and crispy that can engage the readers. We usually cover the topics that can turn the gaze of audiences. It may include interesting online jobs, part time jobs, or work from home jobs information (readers can find useful). Your content would be the assessment of your capabilities.

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