You find common when you go for an interview because a no. of successful entrepreneurs started as a kid. If you still think that entrepreneurship or becoming the entrepreneurs is only meant for the elderly, then there is a need for you to think again. Now the world has woken up to the talent of kids entrepreneurs who have made money and successfully shaped the dreams of a few others like them. Giving wings to these children’s ideas is no more silly now. Here’re the stories of young enterprenuers.


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Here are some brilliant examples of such kids whose stories are not only amazing but also inspiring.

1. Sebastian Martinezone of the youngest entrepreneurs

 When he was 7 years old, he spent about 2 years in his company, ‘Are you kidding.’ The company is known for selling some special kinds of socks. He started to sell these socks online, but he also raises funds for charity. He is now 10 years old, and he is the CEO of ‘Are you kidding.’

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2. Lily Bor – One among the youngest entrepreneurs

She developed a three-legged drinking cup for those people who had Parkinson’s disease. They could use it for drinking without the fear of spilling. Lily Bor was 11 years old when she started her game.

She successfully managed to raise over $6,000 on Kickstarter. After so many innovations, she finally made a cup that cannot be the tip. It was made comfortable to hold by using moldable plastic. After many innovations, her kangaroo cup is now finally the mainstay of lily’s company. She later was into the list of young enterprenuers.

3. Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson, AKA shots, started his first business when he was just 9 years old. After he graduated from high school, he was an owner of some of the most profitable business ventures. When he was 15 years old, he became the first American to be part of the management of the company that is Tokyo based. Because of his success, he was featured in a number of magazines, newspapers, and much more. He worked hard to become one of the young successful enterprenuers.


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4.  Moziah Bridges

Sharp dissatisfaction is the only reason that made this 11 years old kid start a business independently. Bow ties hanging outside the retail stores made him unhappy, so he started making his own bow ties in which his grandmother helped him. He started selling to his clients by Etsy, which became the beginning of his corporate journey.

It almost took no time to get him his success story that reached almost all the southeast corners. By that time his bow ties had made their presence in almost all the boutiques, which made him hunt more than $30,000. It turned him one among the youngest successful enterprenuers

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5. Ollie Forsyth

When he was 13 years old, he watched a YouTube video of Richard Branson, which came as a major breakthrough in his life. He was a dyslexic child, and that video built confidence in Ollie Forsyth. He turned his weaknesses into his greatest advantages. And thus became one of the young enterprenuers.


Source: Freepik

He started his first business venture and named it Ollie’s shop. His online business venture is a boutique that offers a great variety of bracelets and other ornaments. Some were designed by Ollie himself, whereas others were crafted from China and became the young enterprenuers.

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